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Advantz International Sdn Bhd is a marketing and distribution company specialised in nutrients technology products. We are marketing and distributing three products, Boosta Max 1™ (foliar fertiliser to stimulate growth), Boosta Max 2™ (foliar fertiliser to boost yield) and Savigo™ (Bio-Soil Reviver) in Malaysia with an aspiration to penetrate the global market.

The outstanding results of our products have allowed us to win Best Innovation (PLATINUM) awarded by the Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) 2019. We believe with the achievement that we have received so far, together with the intense researches by our own R&D team, we can improve and develop new products to reach farmers at any parts of the world.

Vision & Mission

To provide our customers with the most effective solutions and offer premium quality products in a safe, ethical and environmentally sound manner

To exceed customers expectations and become an economic catalyst in improving cash crops worldwide starting with achieving 100% rice SSL for Malaysia

Our Team

We are continuously striving to conduct researches and produce high-impact innovation driven by our highly experienced and dedicated team of young and brilliant scientists from our in-house laboratory.

Sales & Marketing Team

Agronomist & R&D Scientist Team

Production & Logistic Team

Management (Account, Finance & HR)

Global Partner (Distributor & Importer)

| Research & Technology

It is a misconception to think that plant nutrients are only about applying fertilisers. It largely depends on what the plant requires, soil conditions and the climate. To disregard the variables mentioned and to to simply use fertilisers haphazardly will inadvertently cause loss of money and time.

At Advantz International Sdn Bhd, our focus is to provide consultations to planters by providing assessment of their plants and recommending the right solution that is suitable for their needs especially to farmers with severe soil conditions and challenging weather.

Advantz International

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Advantz International

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Follow our social media accounts for fast and up-to-date product information

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