SAVIGO and BoostaMAX
Improved Paddy Yield Productivity In Malaysia

ObjectivesTo increase paddy yield
Advantz product testedSAVIGO & BoostaMAX
Application methodSoil broadcast & foliar spray
Tested treatment1 x 0.2t SAVIGO/ha, 1 x 1L BoostaMAX1 and 2x 1L BoostaMAX2
Control treatment result5.57 MT/ha of paddy yield. Revenue from yield: 2,026 USD
Best treatment result7.52 MT/ha of paddy yield. Revenue from yield: 2,738 USD (35% over Control)
Characteristics of best treatmentYield increase: 35% yield increase over the control in 100% normal fertilizer dosage. 29% yield increase in plot where normal fertilizer dosage reduced by 20%.
Net benefit of best treatment712 USD/ha
Benefit/Cost ratio4,1
ConclusionTreatments are showing increasing yield and plant growth parameters
ReferenceMalaysia Research and Development Institute (MARDI)
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